Chemtura AgroSolutions split from its parent company, Chemtura Corporation, to separate the crop protection business from the rest of Chemtura Corporation's other products. The split required a new logo, that still connected to the parent company logo, a new website, an announcement ad and a corporate video.
Legally we needed to keep the blue Chemtura color and font exactly the same as the parent company logo (top),
however we were able to adapt the rest of the new logo (bottom) to customize it and allow Chemtura AgroSolutions
to stand on its own as a global crop protection brand.

The corporate ad announced the new logo and name. Dimilin, Rancona, Pantera, etc. are a few
of the top global brands for Chemtura AgroSolutions. The ad also needed to be able to be globally
understood and translated into multiple languages.
Illustrator: Graham Smith
Chemtura AgroSolutions needed its own corporate website when the new brand launched. The website,, needed both a global site
as well as regional offshoots customizable within a template for different regions around the world.
We developed a corporate video featuring the president of the crop protection business to explain the change.
We developed brand guidelines to accompany the logo as well as a folder, media kits and templates following the new branding to be distributed globally.
Rebranding Campaign—2011 NAMA Merit Winner
Corporate Video—2011 NAMA First Winner
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