Superheroes were immensely popular in 2018 and so were our Supercows.
Illustrator: Peter Pachomis
2017 featured strong female characters vying for the throne in the Game of Hoard's teaser ad and poster.
Illustrator: Andrey Gordeev
2016 was all about the duck face, or cow face. #legenDAIRY 
Illustrator: Andrey Gordeev
2015 featured the the release of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and since Hoard's Dairyman also has it's own dairy history museum we played off the museum theme to bring you Night at the Hoard's Museum.
Illustrator: Andrey Gordeev

2013 was all about tattoos and designer bags on the Guernsey Shore. The posters were sent to media buyers for agrimarketing agencies and included temporary tattoos with Hoard's iconic H logo.
Illustrator: Bill Cigliano
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