Illinois Soybean Association charged us with educating Illinois consumers about the soybeans that grow throughout their state and how they are incorporated into many of the food products, meat products in particular, that they purchase and eat every day. At the same time, Illinois Soybean Association wanted us to personalize the Illinois farmers who grow soybeans and help consumers make a more personal connection with the local farmers that provide their food.

The client wanted grocery store POP displays which we chose to complement with an educational mobile tour that came to grocery store parking lots as well as state and county fairs, the zoo and other locations. The education activities ranged from kids writing postcards to farmers, planting and growing their own soybeans, receiving recipe cards, playing an interactive soybean match game and playing a trivia game tied into a customized bag toss game that 'feeds' the chicken or pig by tossing the bag of soybeans into its mouth. Illinois soybean farmers were at the events to meet people and answer questions.

All elements tied together on the website with farmer stories, recipes, a gallery of postcards and information on upcoming tour dates and locations.
We featured three Illinois soybean farm families who each provided recipes with meat products their soybeans go to feed. These cards were handed out at the events and also available online. We also partnered with the Illinois Pork Producers for coupon offer.
The mobile tour campaign featured an online component at
The soybean match game was available both at the event via iPads as well as online.
Activites included, grow-your-own soybean cups, feed the animals soybean bag toss, and thank a farmer notes.
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